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Paxos in 7 days: what to do in one week on Paxos

Sunset spots on Paxos Island

Will you be spending one whole week on the Greek island of Paxos? Lucky you! This idyllic paradise in the Ionian Sea, away from the masses, promises an unforgettable time filled with relaxing moments, breathtaking views, and authentic Greek charm.

Below, we lay out a one-week itinerary that makes sure you see each nook and cranny of Paxos. Of course, you are free to adapt the daily plan to your liking. Please note that this schedule requires a rental scooter or a rental car, and we recommend you to spend your nights in our villas on Paxos. Ready to discover Paxos? Let’s go!

Day 1: Arrival and welcome dinner
Restaurants For Dinner At Glyfada Beach

Welcome to Paxos! As you disembark from the ferry in the capital Gaios, you collect your rental car and head to your serene retreat at Paxos Glyfada Beach Villas. Without even leaving this tranquil holiday park, enjoy your first taste of Paxos at the beachside taverna or the poolside restaurant. These spots offer a delightful introduction to the tasty Greek cuisine, and will have you eager to explore the local restaurants.

Day 2: Explore the north of Paxos
Lakka Harbour

Visit the picturesque village of Lakka with its idyllic harbor and narrow streets. Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch at one of the many tavernas. After lunch, relax on Harami beach and swim in the turquoise waters of this natural bay. Take a short, 6-minute hike to see the lighthouse, and walk on down to Plani Beach. Can you see Corfu on the horizon? End your day with a delicious dinner at one of the town’s waterfront restaurants.

Day 3: Discover Antipaxos
Areas of Paxos & Antipaxos

Let’s admire Paxos from the water, shall we? Embark on a day cruise from Gaios that takes you around the island, and past spectacular rock formations. Then, set sail to neighbouring Antipaxos. The lesser-known sibling of Paxos invites with its Caribbean-style waters and pristine beaches. Make sure you sip the local wine and enjoy lunch in a picturesque taverna at Voutoumi Beach.

Day 4: Hike to Loggos

Skip the car and explore charming Loggos, a short walk from your villa. Hike the coastal path for fresh air, olive groves, and stunning views. Explore the harbor with its colorful boats and grab a pastry at Martha’s Bakery-Cafe. Delve into the narrow streets, peeking inside the 18th-century church of Agios Nikolaos. For lunch, savor fresh seafood or Greek specialties at a harborside restaurant. Relax on a nearby beach, cool off with a swim, or try kayaking or paddleboarding.

Day 5: Paxos Rocks

Begin your day at the dramatic Erimitis cliffs, where the views over the Ionian Sea are unparalleled. After soaking in the vistas, head to the secluded Erimitis beach below. Then head to Averto Day & Night in Magazia, a hip chill-out bar and restaurant with stunning vistas towards Corfu.

Day 6: Don’t forget the capital
Gaios Street

You’ve only seen Gaios while passing through. Today, take your time to get to know Gaios, the capital. Its charming harbor and Venetian architecture host restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can find unique souvenirs. Enjoy lunch at a restaurant of your choice. In the afternoon, drive down to Mongonissi Beach in the southeast.

Day 7: Time to say goodbye

Enjoy a final leisurely breakfast at your Paxos villa, savoring this oasis of peace one last time. As your ferry leaves the island, reflect on the unforgettable experiences and promise that you’ll return to this Ionian paradise. Safe travels and until next time!

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