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Month of May Magic: A Whimsical Tour of Paxos

What is Paxos good for?

As the calendar flips to May, Paxos wakes up from its winter slumber and turns into the paradise that enamours anyone and everyone lucky enough to visit. With renewed energy, the island gears up for another summer season: tavernas reopen, hotels are back in business, and the crystal-clear waters invite the first brave swimmers of the year.

Paxos is a tiny Ionian gem, largely untouched by the clamour of mainstream tourism. And, as you will discover below, the month of May holds a particular charm. This might just be the best month to visit for a variety of reasons.

Enjoy the calm before the storm
Loggos - Paxos

May is a time when the olive groves and wildflowers burst into life, painting the landscape in vibrant colours and filling the air with fragrances of wildflowers and citrus. There is no better time to enjoy hikes on winding paths through ancient olive groves, past hidden coves, and atop cliffs that offer panoramic vistas. Birdsong and the lapping of waves on the quiet beaches form the soundtrack of your holidays. At this time of year, visitors are few and far between, giving you the feeling of an island to yourself.

Hire a boat or canoe to explore the coves

Why just walk around when you can be the captain of your own little boat? Panos Boats in Loggos doesn’t just give you a boat, but the unique opportunity to find secluded beaches and clear waters all by yourself. You could even make the short crossing to Antipaxos, where in May, the beaches are as quiet as a hidden secret. Alternatively, you could embark on their boat Lefcothea and let the skipper sail you to unique spots around Paxos.

Rather stay closer to the coast? Paddling a canoe along the shore lets you see Paxos’ wild side up close, with every stroke of the paddle bringing something new to see. Fascinating sights are Tripitos Arch and Ortholithos Rock.

Explore the underwater world
Snorkelling in the Ionian Sea

If you love the underwater world, Paxos offers diving spots that are both beautiful and peaceful. Often, the water is so clear that it’s like looking through glass, showing off an underwater world full of sea creatures and shipwrecks. Paxos Oasi Sub in Lakka and WaterPlanet in Gaios are two diving centres you can choose from.

Exercise body and spirit with yoga on the beach

On Paxos you can enjoy yoga sessions led by skilled instructors like Anastasia Apostolidou and Sandra Hagemoser. Anastasia, nicknamed Tessy, offers sunrise yoga on Loggos Beach and sunset sessions near Gaios, with stunning natural backdrops. Sandra tailors her classes to yogis at all levels, focusing on holistic well-being. Group sessions typically begin in the warmer months, so you might just be lucky in May. In any case, you can book a private class at your accommodation or on one of the island’s beaches.

Relax at Glyfada Beach Villas & Restaurant

After a day of exploration and adventure, there’s no better way to unwind than by retreating to the serene environment of Paxos Glyfada Beach Villas & Restaurant. Whether you’re dining at our beachfront restaurant or enjoying the quiet comfort of your villa, the combination of exceptional service and breathtaking views makes for the perfect end to your day.

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