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Getting around in Paxos

Paxos consists of a small group of islands to the west of the Greek mainland. It is rather small, covering an area of only 30.121 sq km (12 sq mi) and home to a population of about 2,500 people. It has an interesting history in ancient Greek mythology, which tells tales of how Poseidon created the island to provide a peaceful place for him and his wife, Amphitrite. Walking Paxos is a great way to spend time here, but there are multiple ways for getting around Paxos which we will gladly tell you about.

Walking in Paxos

As said, Paxos is the perfect island for walkers. Walking trips on Paxos are very enjoyable since the island has incredibly scenic views. It is locally believed that God has bestowed amazing beauty and charm upon this place and you will surely notice why. It’s not just the steep climbs that will take your breath away – the greenery is surprisingly varied, ranging from ancient olive groves to pine-covered areas that are simply stunning. The dirt roads have trees on both sides and most of them lead to quiet beaches that feel like they have never been explored before. While traveling through the narrow lanes, views of old churches, huts, and tiny villages are very common. As Paxos is very small in size, you can cover the whole island by foot, though this may take several days.

For walking trips on Paxos, it is advised that you use the guide book “Bleasdale Walking Map Of Paxos” ed as a reference. This book is an invaluable source of information for walkers keen to explore Paxos, as it has been written over the last 15 years by an author who has traveled each and every part of the island personally. Another very good guide is the Sunflower Book, which includes walking and car tours.

So, if you are looking for a peaceful and alluring trip,getting around Paxos on your own two feet is highly recommended. Paxos is the ultimate destination for walking holidays throughout the year.

Excursions in Paxos

If you want to explore beautiful Paxos in an organized manner, you can try one of the many Paxos excursions. These include the options of a boat trip around the Island or a sea taxi express to spend your day on Antipaxos. Explore the highlights of Paxos, Antipaxos in one day. A day trip to Parga is extremely worthwhile as well. All information is available at the reception of Glyfada Beach Villas and we are always happy to help you choose the best Paxos excursions.

Renting Boats in Paxos

Renting a boat will give you a whole new perspective to your view of Paxos. You won’t believe how many quiet bays and beaches you will find as you cruise along the coast. You could even have a beach to yourself for the day. There are several boat companies on the island of Paxos which you can find easily on the internet. We always advise you to book a boat in advance especially during June, July, and August.

Rent a car in Paxos

It is possible to hire cars on Paxos. Please remember that the island is quite small, so rent your car for a few days and not your entire stay.This way you can easily explore all the secrets to there are for you to discover. We have our own car rental service and urge you to take a look at the possibilities.

Paxos local bus

A trip on the local bus is an experience not to be missed. There’s is only one bus on Paxos and this provides a regular service, 4 times a day, linking Gaios, Loggos, and Lakka. The bus travels slowly and can be “flagged down” at any point on its circuit of the Island. The bus stop for Glyfada Beach Villas is reachable by foot in approx. 10 min. from the resort. Time tables are available at the reception. From Lakka or Loggos to Gaios price person € 3,00. From Loggos to Lakka price per person Euro € 1,80. You can buy the tickets easily inside the bus. It is advisable to pay small money.

Paxos scooter/pedal bike hire

Pedal bikes can be found for rent in Gaios and there is also motorbike and scooter rental in Loggos, as well as Lakka. This is a simple way of getting around the Island, although headgear for protection is strongly recommended at all times for your own safety. All information regarding the scooter and pedal bike rental is available for our clients at the reception of Glyfada Beach Villas as well.

The main reason is that Greek insurance companies refuse to cover such drivers.

  • Light scooters (50 cc) require an EU category AM license for mopeds with a maximum driving speed op 45 km/h.
  • Medium-power scooters (up to 125 cc) require you to have the European A1 category license – or an equivalent of that if you’re resident outside the European Union.
  • For the biggest category scooters (150 cc and 200 cc), you will need the A2 category license or equivalent.

For those who are staying on Paxos for a longer period, it is worth knowing that there is an exception for scooter drivers with only a car license. (Please check your travel insurance if you are covered.) A new law passed on 7 May 2021, permitting car drivers to ride a scooter if they:

  1. Have had their car license for at least 6 years;
  2. Are over 27 years of age;
  3. Have taken at least (5) type A1 motorcycle driving classes

Paxos Taxi

There are five taxis available on Paxos. All of these drivers speak English very well. Please be sure to always check the fare before you start your journey, though. Taxies ordered here will pick you up from the reception of Glyfada Beach Villas.

When you have decided to organize your transfer from the harbor of Gaios to Glyfada Beach Villas yourself, make sure that you order your taxi in advance.

The following phone numbers are those of the available taxi drivers on the island.

Mr. Tasos Mourikis  : (+30) 6976648486
Mr. Nikos Mourikis   : +(30) 6984220011
Mr. Kostas Antiohos: (+30) 6974002236
Mr. Christos Argyros: (+30) 6977472747
Mr. Haris Bogdanos: (+30) 6974135660

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