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A bird’s eye view of Paxos: drone videos and photos

A bird's eye view of Paxos: drone videos and photos

Just a decade ago, drones were futuristic gadgets reserved for professionals. However, the rise of consumer drones in the late 2000s enabled ordinary people like you and me to engage in aerial photography and videography. Today, anyone with a relatively small budget can capture breathtaking aerial footage, and Paxos is no exception. This blog post takes you on a virtual journey through Paxos from a bird’s-eye view, showcasing the most stunning drone photos and videos we could find.

The best drone videos of Paxos

Let’s start with this short introduction to Paxos by a young Danish couple that travels the world with their drone. You can see Cecilie and Casper driving around the island, visiting hidden beaches and exploring the narrow streets of Gaios, among other activities. And, apparently, their favourite trip was to neighbouring Antipaxos.

Perhaps the best drone videos are the ones that combine drone footage with ground-level perspective, in order to give the viewer a holistic impression of Paxos. This video, recorded in the 4K resolution, shows you all the highlights or Paxos in over 30 minutes. Our favourite part is 23 minutes, 47 seconds in.

For those who can’t get enough of Paxos is this over 3-hour loop of drone clips. Admittedly, it’s on repeat in 8-minute loops, but the happy soundtrack oozes summer vibes and makes this the perfect background in a bar or even in your living room.

The best drone photos of Paxos

Thanks to the increasing capacity of memory cards and the ever-improving quality of lenses, photography is quickly losing terrain to videography. The same goes for drone footage, since its unique perspective allows you to get a 3D impression of a destination. Having said that, there are still some stunning drone photos of Paxos to be found online.


This royalty-free drone photo of Paxos focuses on spectacular Tripitos Arch, and shows you Antipaxos in the background.

Royalty-free drone photo
Treasure trove of Paxos drone photos

This is a drone shot of the islet of Kaltsonísi, to the southeast of Paxos, with the Greek mainland on the horizon.

And last but not least, Instagram is a treasure trove of Paxos drone photos. A simple search will lead you to spectacular photos like this one by @paxos_island_greece.

Taking your own drone footage of Paxos

Want to fly your own drone above Paxos? Key spots include the cliffs of Erimitis, the bay of Lakka, and Tripitos Arch, as well as the islets of Gaios and its castle ruins. The village of Magazia, the Mongonissi peninsula and the Caribbean-style beaches of Antipaxos also present stunning aerial photo opportunities.

Before flying, make sure that you’re updated on Greece’s drone regulations. A permit from the Civil Aviation Authority might be needed, and filming private properties without permission should be avoided. Safety is paramount—avoid flying near people, buildings, and in bad weather.

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