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Beaches on Paxos

Do you need a getaway this coming summer holiday season? Do you crave for some peaceful time on a Greek beach away from the crowds? And are you looking for beaches with crystal clear water and pebbles and stones, instead of sand? If your answer is yes, then the relatively unexplored but beautiful beaches on Paxos might be the perfect destination for your holidayThe island of Paxos is known for its beautiful beaches with translucent waters. However, the beaches on Paxos are also voted as one of the top twenty great escapes by most leading travel magazines. We would like to tell you more about this beautiful place!  

Origin Paxos  

The island of Paxos is one the smallest islands in the Greek Ionion Island chainthat lie of the western coast from the Greek mainland. Paxos is located at the south of Corfu and has a rich cultural heritage and a very colorful history. According to an ancient legend, Paxos and the surrounding islands were created by Poseidon. A Greek god who delivered a blow from his powerful Trident to the southern tip of Corfu, which floated and resulted in the formation of Paxos. He created Paxos as a resting haven and a secret love nest for him and his mistressLady Amphitrite, whenever they needed to get away. 

About Paxos

In the 14th century, the island of Paxos was ruled by Venetians. Up until today, this historical event still has a lasting impression on the culture and the infrastructure of thPaxos island. Primarily, Paxos is known for its crystal clear waters, pebbled Greek beaches, deep caves, olive oil plantation, and vineyards. It’s a quaint little island with a population that doesn’t exceed 2500 people. The major industry of the island is tourism. However, the locals also rely heavily on the olive oil production and fishing industry. The best mode of transportation to enter the islands is via sea, as there is no airport on the island. The Island of Paxos is covered in olive trees and footpaths which give the island its natural charm. 

The unique thing about the beaches on Paxos is that hardly any of the beaches are sandy, perhaps only one or two. The Glyfada beaches on the eastern tip of the island are covered in pebbles, whereas the western coast of Paxos has no beaches at all. Here, you can see only sea rocks against deep and rugged cliffs. Most of the beaches are very narrow and pebbly, but have clean and crystal clear waters. This makes the Glyfada beach perfectly suitable for boat excursions and snorkeling activities. Glyfada Beach Villas is located right on the beach and breakfast is served in the taverna overlooking the beautiful coastline. 

There are around  30 Paxos beaches. All varying in size, but most are well accessed by boat and some are accessible by foot. The most popular Glyfada beaches are: 



Map Of Paxos Island

Popular Destination


 Gaios is the capital of Paxos, that consist of a stunning harbor which is laced with cafes and tavernas. One of the best beaches around here is Mongonissi. This is is a sandy beach, ideal for swimming, which has excellent coves that are accessible by boats. This beach was recently dynamited out of cliffs and filled with sand. 


Lakka has an excellent harbor, which is stunningly shaped like a horseshoe. The water in this harbor is safe to swim in, even for children. Around these waters you can see some amazing sea cavesHarami and Kanoni are two beautiful beaches inside the bay of Lakka, which are especially favorite among families.


Loggos is a small pictoresque town, that has a great harbor for fishing. If you’re interested in snorkeling, you should go to the Levrecchio beachwhich is close to Loggos. The beaches of Kipos and Marmari are near Loggos too. However, these beaches are accessible only by boat or foot. On the south side of Loggos, you can find Pounda beach. When you travel even more to the south from Pounda, you will reach the Kipiadi beach, which is a favorite beach for anchoring yachts. Furthermore, the Monodendri beach is a famous beach, when it comes to water sports. The Glyfada beach is further to the southbut it is easily accessible by a steep footpath from the south.  

Since the Paxos island is relatively small and the beaches are close together, you can visit all these Greek beaches within 3 or 4 days. Of course, this also depends on whether you want to relax in between or not. Although most beaches are known for their sandy landscape, most beaches in Paxos don’t have this. However, this only ensures that the beaches get their own unique charm, which a sandy beach lacksThe Glyfada beaches are ideal for sunbathing and swimming, as the sea here is calm and clean. Finally, the beaches on Paxos are definitely worth visiting for their uniqueness and tranquility. It’s clear to see why they are voted as one of the top twenty great escapes! 

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