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Is Paxos good for couples?

Is Paxos good for couples?

Whether Paxos is good for couples, is something that many people might ask themselves when they are looking for a romantic destination in Greece. At first glance, this island in the Ionian Sea seems to have the necessary ingredients: it is relatively small and has managed to escape mass tourism, unlike its neighbour Corfu. On the other hand, the fact that there is no airport means that it can be more difficult and expensive to reach.

Paxos is also not known for its nightlife or entertainment options, so if you are looking to go clubbing, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a peaceful and unspoiled island with plenty of charm and beauty, then Paxos might be just what your partner and you need. Let’s take a closer look at things to do.

Reconnect with your partner

One of the main reasons why couples choose Paxos for their holiday is the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and romantic getaway. Paxos offers a variety of accommodation options that suit every taste and budget, but the most popular ones are the private villas with pools.

These villas are located in different parts of the island: some close to the sea, some on the hills, some in the villages, but all with stunning views and plenty of privacy. Waking up to the sound of birds, having breakfast on the terrace, swimming in your pool, and lounging on sunbeds, are some of the activities that help you reconnect with yourself and your partner.

Explore Paxos together

Paxos can be explored at your own pace, either by car, bike, or boat, to discover its hidden gems. The island has many beautiful bays and beaches where you can swim in the crystal clear water, snorkel, or sunbathe. Some of the best ones are Marmari, Kloni Gouli, Harami, and Kipiadi. You can also take a walk along the coast or through the olive groves and enjoy the scenery and the tranquility.

Paxos has a laid-back vibe that invites you to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. You can also find some cozy tavernas and cafes where you can taste the local cuisine and wine, or have a drink by the sea. The closest you get to nightlife on Paxos is at Café Kalimera in Gaios and Taxidi Bar in Loggos. At both bars, you will find a healthy mix of locals and visitors – many of them couples like you.

Unique attractions

Paxos has a lot to offer for couples who want to experience something unique and unforgettable. Paxos has a few attractions that make it stand out from other destinations. The most memorable attraction is can be found outside Paxos, on tiny Antipaxos, an island with only a few inhabitants and some of the most stunning beaches in Europe. Swim in the blindingly turquoise water, walk hand-in-hand on the white sand, and enjoy traditional Greek food in the shade of beachside tavernas.

Back on Paxos, make sure to visit the Tripitos Arch, a natural rock formation that spans over a narrow channel of water. You can walk across the arch or admire it from below by boat. You can also go to Erimitis Bay Beach, a secluded beach with golden sand and dramatic cliffs. You can watch the sunset from this beach and see the sky change colours.

As for retail therapy, you can shop for some handmade jewellery in beautiful Lakka at George Apergis Handmade Jewellery, a family-run business that creates unique pieces with silver and gold. In the same town, make sure you visit Taste and Flavor of Olive, in which you can buy the excellent local olive oil and various products made with olive oil.

Why Paxos is the perfect island for couples?

To sum up, Paxos is an excellent choice for couples who prefer a peaceful and unspoiled island with plenty of charm and beauty. Paxos has everything you need for a romantic and relaxing holiday, such as private villas with pools, crystal clear bays, a laid-back vibe, and scenic walks. Paxos also has some unique and unforgettable, photogenic attractions that will make your holiday memorable.

Book your villa in Paxos today and discover why Paxos is one of the best kept secrets in Greece.

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