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Gianna Beach

Welcome to Gaios, the capital of Paxos. With a lively port full of fishermen, yachts, and excursion boats, it is fun to walk around here. Alternatively, watching the bustling scene from a terrace with a Greek coffee on your table is a great way to start the day. But there is more to see and do in Gaios.

Part of the attractions of this town are its beaches. Protected by the islet of Agios Nikolaos, the natural bay of Gaios offers sheltered swimming in shallow waters. One of the town’s beaches is Gianna Beach, sometimes spelled as Gianas Beach. This small beach is popular with the locals for two reasons: it’s close to town and it is family-friendly. And in line with other beaches on Paxos, the water here is deep blue and crystal clear at the same time.

What is Gianna Beach like?

Gianna Beach is a small and relatively narrow beach in Gaios, the island’s capital. It is beside the main road, which makes it easily accessible. To get to the beach, which is below the road level, you take the stairs down (about 10 stone steps). The beach itself is made up of small, round, white pebbles. And, as is customary in Paxos, the water here is dazzling shades of blue.

Most people like to wear jelly shoes or flip-flops while walking on this beach, but kids seem to be able to run around on these pebbles at full speed. Speaking of kids, a small rock formation on the northern end of this beach forms a shallow, natural pool here. This is a wonderful place for toddlers to splash around, undisturbed by waves.

Gianna Beach is a very natural spot, great for a spontaneous dip. But mind you, there are no showers here to wash the salt off your skin. Neither is there a beach bar. You are, however, close to a few tavernas and restaurants in Gaios’s town centre.

Where is Gianna Beach?

If we zoom out, we will see that Gianna Beach is located on the island of Paxos, west of the Greek mainland, in the Ionian Sea. Once you get to Paxos, you can find Gianna Beach between the pοrt and Plakes Beach. The main road between Gaios and Mongonissi runs right past Gianna Beach. As soon as you see the statue of Georgios Anemogiannis, you are close and can start looking for a place to park your car.

Getting there

Gianna Beach is centrally located on Paxos. A visit to this beach is a great excuse to explore Gaios itself. This pleasant town has a historic town centre with pedestrian streets, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, and art galleries.

From Lakka, the 9-km drive takes about 20 minutes. And from the other tip of the island, Mongonissi, the 4-km drive can be completed in 11 minutes. If you’re lucky, you can park right by this beach, since there is parking space for about 10 cars. If those spots are taken, you can park in town and stroll down to Gianna Beach. Enjoy your beach time!

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