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Erimitis Beach


For many visitors to the Greek island of Paxos, visiting Erimitis Beach is one of the highlights of their stay. It is the true ‘sunset beach’ on Paxos, with spectacular views of our star setting in the deep blue Ionian Sea, with the island of Corfu on the horizon. Have a drink or dinner at the nearby restaurant for a complete experience. And don’t forget to take photos!

What to expect from Erimitis Beach?

Most beaches on Paxos are made up of white pebbles or shingles, and are tucked in between gently sloping, pine-clad hills. How different is this for Erimitis Beach! In fact, not only is it unique for Paxos, but for the wide region. No wonder that visitors are in awe.

The sheer cliffs that line Erimitis Beach are indeed a sight to behold. In fact, there was no beach here until 2007, when the cliffs partly collapsed. Some of those rocks still lie at the bottom of the cliffs, as a reminder of nature’s raw force.

This is a wild beach, often windy, and with a sea bed that deepens quickly. Swimming is at your own risk and definitely not recommended for children. Perhaps the best way of enjoying Erimitis Beach is from a safe distance, for example from the nearby restaurant.

Erimitis Restaurant: fine dining

The sunset views from the terrace of Erimitis Restaurant are spectacular and truly unforgettable. Formerly called Erimitis Bar & Restaurant, the bar area has now closed in favour of a restaurant experience. You are lucky to walk in and find a table here, so it is advisable to make a reservation in advance.

This restaurant is run by a Paxiot native and his British wife. With a focus on high-quality service and Michelin-worthy dishes, they try hard to impress. The international menu is varied, with visitors raving about the filet steak, the octopus risotto, the deconstructed cheesecake, and the cocktails. This is fine dining, and both the portions and the prices reflect that. In fact, the wine list features a number of bottles that cost hundreds of euros.

Also, be aware that it can get chilly up here after sunset. Bring trousers, a sweater, scarf, or jacket to be comfortable. The kitchen opens from 6 PM till 12. We also recommend you to bring sufficient cash as the card machine doesn’t always seem to work.

How to get to Erimitis Beach?

Erimitis Beach is located on the west coast of Paxos, in the northern half of the island. It can be accessed from the village of Magazia, by taking the turn-off opposite the Shell petrol station. Then, almost immediately, take the turn-off to your right to reach the beach on an unpaved road through the olive groves. If, instead, you want to head for Erimitis Bar & Restaurant, don’t take this turn-off but continue on straight. Follow the directions to the church of Agios Apostoli until you are in the car park. You can also hike down to Erimitis Beach from the restaurant.

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