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Paxos- Discover its History, culture & tranquillity

It’s astonishing to envision yourself at a quiet shoreline in the surroundings of lovely nature with a glass of wine in hand. What a brilliant idea it would be in genuine? Indeed, you can make it conceivable on the off chance that you have ever known about the undiscovered Greek luxury villa rentals around the Ionian Sea. Secured with olive forests and purplish-blue sea, the island is staggeringly delightful with beautiful settings.

Stone House

It is an extremely small island spread in the edge of seven by two miles. Along these lines, you can navigate seen and concealed excellence of this island by strolling, trekking and sculling. Little in size, by the by you have 30 wonderful shorelines to walk around. Notwithstanding, you have just three harbor towns where you can go for a promenade and appreciate the nourishment and drink likewise there.

Fundamentally, the island is the best goal for a sentimental occasion. You can invest quality time here with your loved one or family and can likewise feel loose in the freshness and virtue of this island. You can gently live in the charming feeling of this unspoiled island, looking at God’s lovely and stunning creation.

Nonetheless, you can likewise find the history and culture of Greece here. You can even still discover a centuries-old settlement kept up here with no counterfeit charms and lights. No disco, no bars, no waterparks, no huge shopping centres – all that you find on Paxos is conventional Tavernas, bars, and a couple of tavernas in the arms of nature.

Open plan bedroom Stone House

You will barely discover lodgings to remain at, yet don’t be stunned. You can find Stone house holiday rentals with all conceivable extravagance amenities at sensible rates.

Things to Do in Paxos, Greece

Gaios, Lakka, and Loggos are the three fundamental towns of Paxos, and the vast majority of the vacation destinations fall close to these towns for finding the history and culture. What’s more, remember to taste the Greek food and wine at one of the waterfront tavernas. On the off chance that you need to catch the most delightful minutes and stunning perspectives in your memory and on your camera as well, at that point, you should investigate the Cape of Eremites.

Visit churches

About in excess of sixty churches are arranged on this minor island. Some are still visited by occupants to revere, while some are surrendered. The religious community of Panayia is the most well known for adoring, which is situated on a small island close to the town of Gaios. The Churches of Agioi Apostoli and Hypapante are additionally regularly visited by sightseers.


On the off chance that you need to return ever, you should visit the small Paxos Folk Museum. You can take a look at verifiable excellence here and become more acquainted with additional about this Island through curious, representations, instruments, and utensils.


You have plenty of landmarks on Paxos to encounter. From a Green Man statue to the beacon of Lakka – you can encounter the way of life through them. In the event that you are in Paxos, you should visit the Cisterns of Paxos, the Lighthouse of Lakka and Panagia, and the chateau of Anemogiiannis.

Celebrations and Events

A few celebrations and occasions are sorted out consistently and catch sightseers’ eye with flightiness. You can encounter the convention of Paxos intently by going to these celebrations and occasions. The Spring Music celebration in June, the International Music celebration in August, and a lot of others that will tempt you are commended each year in Paxos.

All things considered, on the off chance that you have chosen to design your excursion for this wonderful island, do the necessary investigation. You can reach your villa in Paxos over the ocean course by taking a boat ride to the fundamental port of Corfu and other parts of Greece.

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