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Paxos Island: The peace lovers should visit

When a person plans to go for a vacation he generally prefers to visit the place where he is not only able to spend some quality time with his family or friends, but also enjoy mental and physical relaxation from his hectic working schedule. Located in the arms of the Ionian Sea, Paxos Island is one of such places on this planet where you can enjoy your vacation to its full fledge without any restriction. You will agree that before going out of the town with the family a person is mainly concerned about two things. One is about staying facility and secondly the place, where he can find substantial peace to get mentally relaxed from his hectic working schedule.

A Glimpse of Paxi Island

Interestingly, tranquillity, an abundance of the greenery, pollution free atmosphere, rocks, caves, and cliffs are few words to brief the description of the prehistoric island of Paxos. The history of dates back to prehistoric times and since then it has been under the dominance of different rulers whose influence could be witnessed in the lifestyle of the natives. There is also an interesting story associated with the origin of the island, according to it the Greek God Poseidon, once blown his strong trident to the southern coast of the Corfu, which floated and developed the Paxos Island. The Greek God developed this island to enjoy the solitary peace and resting haven with his lady Amphitrite and retain this secret from his wife.


Intimate Trip of The Paxos

The population of the island is about 2500 whose main source of income is fishing and other commercial activities that are provided to the tourists landing on the island. An interesting fact about the island which surprises to everyone planning to visit during their vacations is the absence of an airport. The only transportation available for reaching the island is a boat which could be hired from Corfu, which is the nearest town to the island. But, surprisingly the absence of an airport could not succeed in stopping visitors from stepping on the land of Paxos. The absence of an airport can also be considered responsible for keeping the atmosphere clean from pollution.

From the above description if you think that the island must be lacking from the availability of indispensable amenities then you are at an edge of making a big mistake. Because the non-availability of an airport could not stop the island from getting it enriched with developments taking across the world. The island has everything to offer everyone coming with the desire of spending a vacation in its shadow.

Well, once you have decided to visit Paxos, the second thing about which you will be concerned is about accommodation and this is a natural feeling. Because, the island which is the smallest island among the plethora of islands located on the land of Greece, expecting a well furnished and development is not less than playing a gamble. But, interestingly your concern about the accommodation facilities available at Paxos Island will come to an end as soon as you will come to know about the holiday villas located on the island.

The Trend of Luxury Villas in Paxos:

You will agree that today the trend of staying in the villas is getting popular among the tourists visiting tourist destinations across the world and interesting the island of Paxos is not an exception to it. Here, also you will find the villas that are not only beautifully constructed, but also well furnished and well maintained. Located in the green valley, these villas offer you the facility of staying comfortably at your convenience at an affordable charge. Depending upon the number of persons accompanying your group all these villas are of B standard and categorized into the six types namely stone house, Glyfada house, Glyfada beach villa, Glyfada beach family villa, Ionian villas, and Ionian studio. An interesting feature about Paxos villas is that all of them are faced towards the island, thus offer you the privilege of enjoying its iconic view from the terrace and balcony and witness the changing atmospheric conditions at the island.

Glyfada Beach Villa Bedroom

All these villas have big rooms with supportive furniture to offer a comfortable stay from two to four persons. The common facilities found inside these villas include a sitting room, open plan kitchen with cooking facilities including oven, fridge, sink, double bedroom, two bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower facility, air conditioning, garden, terrace, and balcony (to view the sea).

During your stay on the island you have an opportunity of playing different types of water sports, visiting the nearby villages (most of them are located at the walking distance), move across the island and enjoy the pleasure of walking on its beaches, enjoy the eye-catching view of natural scenery created by the fireflies during the night, roam inside the ancient caves, and various other activities that will make your vacation a lifetime experience.

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