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How do you get to Paxos from the UK?

How do you get to Paxos from the UK?

Paxos, a serene Greek island, beckons travelers from the UK with its timeless beauty. Since it has no airport, a trip to Paxos promises a retreat from the ordinary, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking an idyllic escape. In this article we look at ways to reach Paxos. Spoiler alert: the easiest and fastest way is by flying to Corfu and then taking a ferry to Paxos.

Flying to Greece

Numerous direct flights connect major UK airports to Corfu, which is the airport closest to Paxos. From London, for example, you can fly with easyJet, Ryanair or Other popular departure airports are Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford. Be sure to check out Greek airlines, like Aegean and Olympic, too. Other possible destinations in Greece are the capital, Athens, and Preveza. From these, you can travel onwards by train, bus or rental car.

Ferry from Corfu

If you’re travelling through Corfu, your best option is taking the ferry from Kerkyra’s New Port. This is a ‘Flying Dolphin’, a high-speed hydrofoil that reduces travel time to 55 minutes. The taxi ride from Corfu Airport to the port is about 10 minutes and costs approximately € 20.00. Alternatively, a bus service (number 15) is available for the journey to the port. For this ferry crossing, you can travel with Kerkyra Lines or Joy Cruises.

If you’d like to spend some time on Corfu first, you could take a Kamelia Lines ferry from Lefkimmi in the south of Corfu. Kamelia Lines also offers a bus service (45 minutes) from the airport and the New Port to Lefkimmi. From here, vessels Despina and Christa serve Gaios, the capital of Paxos. These are smaller boats that take about 50 minutes.

Ferry from the Greek mainland

For travelers keen on exploring more of Greece, journeying to Paxos via the mainland is an excellent option. Drive or take public transport to Igoumenitsa, and embark on a Kerkyra Lines or Seaways ferry to Paxos. This route is particularly appealing for those who have driven to Greece or wish to experience the mainland’s diverse landscapes and historical sites before heading to the tranquility of Paxos.

Sea taxi from Corfu

Another option is to take a private sea taxi. This way you can travel in style and set your own schedule. This is a good option for groups of up to 8 people traveling together, but you need to book well in advance, especially in the high season, as there is a lot of demand.

These private boats usually leave from the Old Port of Corfu and take about an hour to reach Paxos, but they can also leave from Lefkimi (40 minutes) or Kavos (30 minutes). These sea taxis have the added benefit of being able to arrive at any port, but they are considerably more expensive than other travel methods. There are 3 sea taxis on the island. You can contact one of the following captains to book your sea tax to Paxosi:

  • Mr. Nikos Anemogianni: (+30) 6932232072
  • Mr. Tasos Gkogkos: (+30) 6944832964
  • Mr. Andreas Petrou: (+30) 6977623033
Sailing to Paxos

If you love sailing, Paxos is a wonderful destination to explore. Sailing to Paxos is a delightful experience, especially popular in the summer months. You can enjoy the view of the Ionian Islands and visit some charming places along the way. For example, you can stop at Sivota, a village with sheltered bays, or Parga, a picturesque coastal town. These are not part of Paxos, but they are worth seeing before or after your visit to the island. You might also want to check out sister island Antipaxos, known for its clear water and peaceful beaches. There are different options to join a flotilla or rent a yacht.

Visit Paxos

Ready to travel to Paxos from the UK? No matter how you go, you will always get a taste of the sea, which adds some charm and adventure to your trip. Paxos welcomes you with open arms and offers you a mix of tranquility and excitement. Discover the charm of this Greek island and make memories for a lifetime. Paxos, with its captivating beauty and calm atmosphere, is just a journey away.

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