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Experience Facilities & Service While Staying at Glyfada Beach Villas

Are you having some plans for your visit to Greece this year? If yes, then make sure that you stay at one of the best villas in town so as to make the most of your trip is in the comfort zone as that of your own house. With the best scenic views and surrounded with olive groves, the villas in Paxos at Glyfada Beach villas resort are known for the amenities offered on a 7-hectare landscape, including 2 swimming pools, a museum, 2 restaurants, and many more. It is undoubtedly very astonishing to stay at the properties that are located near the beach, in a tranquil space or offers peace to a great extent. Around the Ionian sea, these villas and the surroundings are staggeringly delightful with beautiful settings all around.

Glyfada House at Glyfada Beach Villas

The beautiful villas are located at an extremely small island that is indeed beautiful and offers the best experience of Greece including its undiscovered culture and beauty. With the best amenities in Paxos Island, the villas are well-known within this small space.

Facilities & Service

The key amenities that are offered at these homely villas are inclusive of:


Restaurant close to the beach for breakfast and lunch

Glyfada Beach Villas has 2 tavernas one near the beach with a shoreline bar and an extensive patio with an excellent sea view. They serve breakfast from early morning 08.15 – 10.15 and Greek lunch from 13.00 – 17.00. Our taverna for supper is situated on the most delightful spot within the resort with an exceptional view of Greece terrain and Corfu. All our food is crisply arranged in the customary path with the best Greek fixings.


Interior museum Glyfada Beach Villas

The little Museum in Glyfada is exceptionally intriguing as it introduces an assortment of antiques collected from the family who owns Glyfada beach villas. For instance, there are oil lights and old apparatuses utilized for gathering olives (a forte on Paxos). The museum can be found on the left, as you stroll up the slope with the villas to your right side. We suggest visiting since it gives a decent understanding of how individuals lived in the good old days on Paxos.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in front of the Ionion Villas

There are 2 swimming pools in Glyfada Beach. One pool is situated on the slope close to the tennis court. The second swimming pool and Jacuzzi is situated close to the shoreline and our Greek taverna. From both our pools there are fabulous perspectives of the Ionian Sea towards the Greek terrain and Corfu.

The two pools have a decent blend of seawater, which is continually invigorated with a best in class separating framework. There is additionally a pool bar at the pool close to the shoreline with soda pops, spirits, frozen yogurts, and espresso. Amid high season there are frequently sorted out water polo games for youngsters. On occasion, amid the day the two pools are for the most part peaceful, ideal for some unwinding and sunbathing on the agreeable hammocks.

There is entirely no making a plunge the two pools for your very own well being. The profound end is 180 cm (only under 6ft) and the shallow end is 90cm, perfect for kids.

Tennis Court

Tennis court at Glyfada Beach Villas

The tennis court is arranged close to the fundamental passageway of Glyfada close to the gathering and pool. It is a hard court which is encompassed by customary stone dividers and cypress trees which offer a lot of shade in the late evening. On the off chance that you are an extremely sharp player, you are encouraged to bring your very own rackets and balls since a number is constrained. All sessions should be pre-booked at the gathering or with the supervisor in Glyfada. It would be ideal if you approach at gathering at costs.


Relax at Monodendri Beach

Glyfada Beach Villas approaches 2 wonderful shorelines. From one viewpoint Monodendri Beach just beneath the Paxos villas and Glyfada Beach, which can become to by the way inverse the swimming pool. A large portion of the shorelines on Paxos are rock shorelines. For your very own solace and well being we encourage you to wear jam shoes or something comparative.

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