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What Makes Paxos as Hidden Gem of Greece?

Paxos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece which has remained unspoiled because of its location in a remote area. Interestingly, its location in the far most area has played an incredible role in retaining its natural beauty and heritage. Going through the presence of both these elements it is only visited by tourists with specific preference, without enjoying any of the benefits as offered in various tour packages. It would not be wrong to say that the view of Paxos often known as Paxi or Paxoi is like a fairytale that has the efficiency of fascinating everyone whoever comes in its arms.


Enriched with rich cultural values, Paxos is the perfect combination of modern and traditional values merged in a unit. The natural landscape, beautiful beaches and shores, vegetation, the green valley, grabs the attention of the tourists as soon as they keep their first step on the island. It would not be wrong to say that Paxos Island is a hidden gem of the Ionian Sea.

Some of the interesting facts associated with this Greek island are mentioned below:

Relax at Monodendri Beach

Beautiful Beaches

It is a universal truth that most of the islands in the Ionian sea are recognized for their exotic views and location, interestingly Paxos island is not an exception to it. But, what makes Paxos different from others are its beautiful small beaches which are located within a walking distance and offer mental and physical relaxation to the tourists.


Some of the famous beaches on the island are mentioned below:

i. Leverechio Beach: Apart from white pebbles, eye-catching landscape, and sky blue water, the presence of shady olive trees throughout the beach makes it one of the beautiful beaches of the island. It is a highly preferred location for sunbath and swimming. One more thing which makes it different from other beaches is its surrounding areas which are suitable for families with children.

ii. Kaki Lagada: Located on the eastern coast of Paxos island, it is a sandy beach that is surrounded by beautiful sceneries and vegetation. Moving ahead the presence of the canteen during the summer offer visitors the privilege of enjoying their favorite drinks and snacks.

iii. Pounda Beach: An interesting fact about this beach is that where at other beaches you will find crystal blue water, here you will find the water in different varieties of blue color. Located at a distance of 5 km from Gaios, the capital of Paxos, it is the best place for nature and peace lovers to enjoy mental relaxation.


iv. Plakes Beach: Located within a walking distance of just 500 meters from Gaios the beach is blessed with one of the best landscapes on the island. Due to the presence of abundance rocks, you will find lots of pebbles spread across the beach.


Mesmerizing Port of Paxos:

As there is no airport on the island, the only way to reach is through ferry which could be hired from Corfu. Located between Paxi and Agios Nikolaos, the port looks like a painting painted by nature, fascinating the tourists towards its charm. Most of the houses on the island are inspired by Venetian architecture. The presence of olive groves further enhances the beauty of the island.



The island is surrounded by small villages which could be accessed by boat or walking. Some of the famous villages visited highly by the tourists are:

1. Lakka Paxoi: Recognized as the fishing village, it is surrounded by green hills and located in the centre of a beautiful cove. The cove houses yachts and ferries coming from different locations on the island. Walking across the narrow streets of the village you will find lots of beautiful scenes that you would like to share on your Instagram. The most notable place to visit in this village is 36 meters high lighthouse that was built back in 1832. The nightlife of the village might remind you about your city, due to bars and restaurants that are opened until the early morning hours.

2. Logos Paxi: The small village has a picturesque view due to several beaches across it. The worth mentioning feature about this village is that to date it is untouched by the modern culture and therefore is an ideal location. The conventional taverns located on the beach offer the privilege of enjoying the taste of local food cooked strictly according to Greek cuisine.


The springs are something that should be enjoyed by all the visitors. The mixture of subsoil and seawater enriches with lots of healing powers due to the presence of sulphuric elements present in the soil.



Considered as one of the heavens on earth Antipaxos is located at a distance of 3 km away from Paxos. Located in an area of only 5 square kilometers, the tourists need a boat from Paxos to reach this island. If you are a person who wants to relax in the arms of nature it is an ideal location for you to enjoy your holidays.

Now what else you expect from a place for being recognized as a hidden gem, as it is blessed with an abundance of natural elements that are present to offer mental and physical relaxation to the tourists.


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