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Paxos - How to get to Paxos?

Paxos is a Greek word and is used to define a set of Ionian islands. Gaios is the capital of Paxos. In this article, we will explore the different options a traveler has for getting to Paxos. However let's start with a historical overview of Paxos, as well as its geographical location which can also make the journey more enjoyable and interesting.

Paxos: Background
Paxos is a small island, a short distance from the island of Corfu. Over the years Paxos has improved its transport infrastructure and educational system and now has almost 2500 inhabitants. Paxos is a small island which is situated in the Ionian Sea. Paxos contains beaches, deep-sea caves, mountains and traditional villages. Paxos is 10 KM long and 4 KM wide and it boasts 21 beaches. with three main harbors; Lakka, Loggos, and Gaios.

Traveling to Paxos
Most visitors arrive in Paxos by boat, having departed from the island of Corfu which is situated north of Paxos. Another popular route is to take a bus from Athens to Igoumenitsa (or hire a car) and then board a ferry boat to the port on Paxos. There is no airport on Paxos so visitors have to get to Paxos via boat either from Corfu or from the mainland Greece port of Igoumenitsa. There are some particular ways of how to get to Paxos and we'll look at a few of them below:

Paxos by Plane
As mentioned above, there is no airport in Paxos, which despite making the journey slightly more complicated does mean the island enjoys a tranquility that other islands do not. So, travelers can fly to Corfu from most European airports or from Athens airport (it takes almost 1 hour to fly between Athens and Corfu) and then can take a ferry to Paxos.

Here a few useful links with flights to Corfu.

On arriving in Corfu, visitors can hire a taxi to get to the "New port". Taxis are available any time of the day from Corfu airport and drivers are familiar with the "New Port", which is where ferry boats, sea taxis, and hydrofoils arrive from and depart to Paxos. It is just a short drive to the harbor (10 minutes) and will cost you approx. 10 - 15 Euro's one way.

Paxos by Ferry

A Flying Delphin ferry can carry about 100 passengers and take almost 1 hour from the New Port of Corfu to Paxos. When the boat reaches Gaios Port, taxis will be available for passengers. For timetables, bookings and costs please contact the following travel agency.

  • Corfu - Paxos Bouas Hydrofoil "Ilida II" /tel:(+30) 26610-49800 or fax 26610-44004 or email: paxosilida@yahoo.com

  • Paxos - Corfu Bouas Hydrofoil "Ilida II" /tel: (+30) 26620-32401 or fax 26620-32610 or email: ilidaii@ymail.com

Kamelia lines and their vessels (1'45) bring you also to Paxos. For timetables, bookings and costs please contact the following travel agency.

  • Corfu-Paxos Kamelia lines  tel: (+30) 26610-40372

  • Paxos-Corfu Kamelia Lines tel: (+30) 26620-32131 or contact Kamelia lines

In Igoumenitsa, visitors can also get local car ferries, which carry foot passengers and this is also a popular way for people to get to Paxos. For timetables and bookings please contact the following websites:

Another option is to hire a sea taxi (private boat), which can be a unique and enjoyable part of the journey. They usually leave from the Old Port of Corfu and take about an hour but they can also leave from Lefkimi (40 min) or Kavos (30 min.) and has the added benefit of being able to arrive at any port (not cheap although). There are 3 sea taxies on the Island. Sea taxis need to be booked well in advance.

  • Mr. Nikos Anemogianni tel: (+30) 6932232072

  • Mr. Tasos Gkogkos Tel:(+30) 6944832964

  • Mr. Andreas Petrou tel: (+30) 6977623033

Paxos by Car
If travelers wish to drive to Greece they can take a car from the UK or other European countries or alternatively hire a car once in Greece and then travel by boat from either Corfu or Igoumenitsa. For a suggested route we recommend that please use Google Maps.

There are many ways of traveling to Paxos and each one has its advantages. The best route for you will depend on your goals; do you want to arrive in Paxos as fast as possible? Or would you prefer to include the journey as part of the "holiday"? Either way, we wish you a safe and smooth journey and an enjoyable stay in Paxos.