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A-Z of Paxos



Air Conditioning (AC) is available in all our villas. To help us save energy in Paxos, please use it sparingly.


If you have organized your transfer through the Agent Meander Travel, you will be greeted at the airport by their representative with a sign of Meander Travel in their hand.

Depending on arrival time at the airport and weather conditions you will travel by flying delphin ferry, (1-hour journey) OR one of the vessels of Kamelia Lines (1.45), and in rare circumstances sea-taxi to Paxos (1-hour journey).

When requested or organized we will pick you up (Euro 3 per person one way) from the harbour; the trip to Glyfada is then approx. 15 minutes by minibus.



In Glyfada, you can see 2 beaches: Monodendri beach is just below the villas. Second is Glyfada beach, which can be reached by the path opposite the swimming pool. Most of the beaches on Paxos are pebble beaches. For your comfort & safety, we advise you to wear jelly shoes or something similar. The sunbeds on Monodendri beach are free for our clients.


You can rent your boat from a large number of small companies in Loggos. Boats ranging from 30HP to 50HP. There is no need to book in advance (EXCEPT in June, July, and August).


Breakfast is served from 8.15 am - 10.15 am in our Glyfada Taverna by the beach. Our breakfast is served as an extended continental buffet. We serve fruits, fresh local bread, fresh white and brown rolls, cake, croissants, several kinds of cereals, Greek yogurt with peaches, honey, several tastes of marmalades, cheese, ham, salami, cooked eggs, coffee, tea, fresh milk and orange juice (instant).. It’s a great start to the day, so make sure you don’t miss it.



Glyfada Beach villas have also a rent a car company and cars can be rented or online through our website www.paxosrentacar.gr or from the reception. Car hire starts from approx €176 per week, or you can rent one for just a few days. It is a great way to explore the island and do some sightseeing.




Sun beds are available by the 2 swimming pools and on Monodendri Beach for GBV clients. They’re very comfy, but please put them back after use!


The small island of Paxos has an impressive 60 churches scattered through the island. Several near the villages and many only to be found by exploring the miles of the pathway that emanate from the villages and crisscross the island. A unique place of worship on Paxos is the quaint monastery on the island of Panayia in Gaios harbor. During the Feast of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August on the small island of Panayia, you are able to visit this monastery. If you want to visit this church outside this unique event you need a permit to visit this island.



Make sure you have booked your tickets for the Flying Delphin ferry, the vessels from the Kamelia Lines, and taxi's (only 5 taxi's on the Island) far in advance. You have to wear masks during your transfer by boat and during your ride in taxis. 


The Despina is the vessel from Kamelia Lines. It started to work with a regular service between Corfu - Paxos - Corfu. The journey takes 1'45  and it arrives in Gaios. To know more information about this, please connect with our page How to get to Paxos.



The flight time from the UK to Corfu is approx. 3 hours.

Corfu Airport to Corfu Harbour takes 15 minutes by (private) taxi.

Corfu to Paxos takes approximately 1 hour - 1" 45 min. by ferry or sea-taxi.

Paxos Harbour (Gaios / Loggos) to Glyfada takes 15 minutes.



Paxos is a very small island and both water and electricity are in short supply. In Glyfada, we try to be very energy conscious so please use these resources carefully. Don’t waste water and please switch off the air-conditioning when you leave the villa.



This is a traditional Greek cheese, which is found in Greek salad. When it is fried it is called saganaki.


Our clients can book their flights easily on the internet. For our UK clients please always check if your flights are ATOL protected. We advise our clients to arrive before 15 hours so we are still able to organize your transfer on the same day.



The Flying Dolphin ferries belonging to the Bouas company are the regular hydrofoil ferry service between Corfu - Paxos. The journey takes one hour.



On the southern side of the harbor is the Paxos Folk museum. Here you can take a glimpse into the history of life on Paxos. The museum is located in a building that dates from 1906 and was formerly the village junior school. there is a small charge to enter the museum which is open for an hour every evening through the main holiday season (May to October) tel: (+30) 26620 32566.


Much of the food served in Paxos is traditional Greek food, such as - Greek salad & souvlaki. If this does not appeal, then there are some Italian restaurants on the island. For vegetarians there are some healthy vegetarian dishes on the menu in Glyfada.



Gaios is the capital of Paxos. If you want to know about Gaios and Paxos then please connect ours about paxos page.



Once a week there is a water polo match played in the swimming pool. This is always great fun to watch and join in.




Glyfada Beach Villas is a member of HATTA (The Hellenic Organisation of Travel and Tourist Agents).


Paxos is the perfect destination to spend a honeymoon. The Stone House is ideal for honeymooners because it's in a private location and tranquil surroundings.



Any questions? Give us a call on our Greek number 0030 - 26620 31769. We’ll be happy to answer any queries during normal office hours. Or contact the reception in Glyfada during your stay. Alternatively, you can email us for more information. Our email ID is - info@paxos-glyfadabeach.com


Please make sure you have travel insurance; it’s really better to be safe than sorry. of course, you can choose which company you prefer.


Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands. The group of seven Ionian islands is called ‘Eptanisa’ in Greek. These are Corfu, Paxos, Kefalonia, Lefkas, Ithaca, Zakynthos & Kithira.



Did you know that the movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ starring Roger Moore, was partly filmed in Corfu? The main location was Pontikonissi or ‘mouse-island’ near the airport. You can actually see it from the plane when you are coming into land at Corfu Airport.


The journey to Paxos is very straightforward. To find out more about traveling to Paxos.



Ioannis Kapodistrias is the Greek name of Corfu's (Kerkyra) airport. On arrival here, you will be greeted by our Glyfada Beach Villas representative, who will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall. She will be holding a clipboard with GBV written on it.



Lakka is a popular harbor, attracting many impressive boats by day and offering a lively atmosphere at night.


The local language is Greek, although English and Italian are also well-spoken in restaurants, bars, shops, and tourist offices.


Sometimes we offer last-minute deals to Paxos.


We offer a 2-day laundry service in Glyfada. Ideal for those beach towels that can turn into "cardboard" after a week or so on the beach! We can also have all your clothes cleaned for you. Just let us know and it will be arranged.


Loggos is one of the smallest fishing villages in Paxos. To find out more about Loggos, Please connect with our page about paxos, where you can find out all the information about Paxos, Loggos, and Gaios.



Lunch is served in the Glyfada Beach Taverna by the beach. There is always a wide variety of (Greek) dishes available, all our food made and prepared with fresh and local ingredients. For opening hours please check our blackboard at the restaurant. 



The Euro is the local currency in Paxos. There are 2 cash points in Gaios and 1 in Lakka. In Glyfada, you are welcome to settle your bills on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. Please tell the manager how you want to settle your bills upon arrival.


Like all Greek Islands, there are some mosquitoes on Paxos. We recommend that you bring some good Mosquito repellent. Some people have been known to have an allergic reaction to mosquitoes; this is not dangerous, just a nuisance!


The Glyfada Museum was established in 2002. It displays a charming collection of historic pieces and artifacts from Paxos. Just ask us for the key. Of course, you do not pay any entrance fee.



This is a Greek beer that is found almost everywhere in Greece. We serve cold draught beer, perfect for a hot day.



Paxos offers some interesting walks among olive groves and hills. If this is your scene, come prepared with long trousers and walking boots as many paths are overgrown. Please note, some paths are no longer accessible as they are on privately owned land. Also, always remember that you are in a foreign country where different laws apply than in the UK and that the ‘right to roam’ does not exist in Greece. So if you see a closed gate or a sign that says ‘No Entry’, that’s what it means!


There is no ‘wild nightlife’ on the island. There are some very nice bars and Greek Tavernas in Loggos. The villages of Gaios and Lakka are the busiest at night, offering an even wider selection of bars and a variety of restaurants. The only nightclub on the Island "Castello" is located in Gaios and is open from late in the evening till the very early hours in the morning. 



Paxos produces its own olive oil, which can be bought from some local groceries.



The smallest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. To find out more about this, please check our page - About Paxos, where you can see all the information about Paxos island.


 There are two pharmacies on the island. One is located in Gaios which is approx. 15 minutes drive away from Glyfada. The second pharmacy is located in Lakka which is approx. 5 minutes drive away from Glyfada. There is also a medical center and a GP. 


There is 1 beautiful (seawater) swimming pool for the residents of Glyfada in 2020. located close to the beach. The pool is open daily, but we would like to advise you that the swimming pool is used at your own risk. Young children should not be left unsupervised near the pool or the beach.


There is a bar at the pool near to the beach. Poolbar is opened from 11.00 till 13.00 and from 15.00 till 19.00 hours. You are strictly prohibited not to use your own drinks from the villas or drinks from neighboring restaurants at the pool bar. This because of tax reasons.



There are three main ports in Paxos; Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. The Dolphin, Despina, Krista, and car ferries are arriving in Gaios. The sea taxi arrives in Loggos, Lakka or Gaios.



To receive a personal quote for a holiday in villas. You could check availability and submit the message to us.



The reception in Glyfada is located close to the tennis court. Opened every day (except Mondays) from 09.30 - 11.30 and from 17.30 - 18.30. Doreen or Spiros will be there for all your questions, problems, or reservations. Here you can get all the information you need concerning car rental, boat hire, excursions, local bus time tables, and many relevant details.


You will find a selection of restaurants offering a wide range of food on Paxos. In some Tavernas you may even be invited into the kitchen to look into the pots and pans to see what's on offer! 


There are many rocks in Paxos that are used to dive from into the sea. This can be great fun but take care.



There are 2 scuba diving offices in Paxos. One in Lakka and 1 in Gaios. Are you interested to learn how to dive or follow a course, or have you already experienced diver and you want to take a dive under the guidance of an experienced instructor? Click here for information for Paxos oasis in Lakka and here for information about the water planet in Gaios.



Spiros is the owner and manager of The Glyfada Beach Villas. He is always happy to help you if there are any problems and runs the minibus service most evenings to Loggos. He will also meet you on arrival at the port in Gaios and drive you to Glyfada.


This is an essential item to pack in your suitcase and should be used regularly throughout the day. If you run out you can buy plenty in Loggos.



The GBV Taverna is open all day, serving breakfast and lunch, drinks, and snacks. There is always a wide variety of dishes available, all prepared with local ingredients. 


If you want to go to Gaios or Lakka you will need a taxi unless you take a bus from Loggos. There are 5 taxi drivers on the Island. They all speak well English and they are very reliable.

The pickup point is at the reception, next to the tennis court. You can contact them yourselves on the following numbers: Mr. Tasos Mourikis (+30) 6976648486, Mr. Nikos Mourikis (+30) 6984220011, Mr. Kostas Anthiohos (+30) 6974002236 Mr. Christos Argyros (+30) 6977472747 and Mr. Haris Bogdanos (+30) 6974135660.

Make with the taxi driver who picks you up also an appointment to bring you back. In 2020 you are obliged to wear masks and the taxi driver is able to take 2 persons only except if it concerns a family with 2 children below the age of 18 years old.


There is a tennis court in Glyfada. It is situated on the hill near the swimming pool. For access times and prices please contact the manager. There will be some basic tennis gear available but if you are a keen player please bring your whites and your own fancy racket! The tennis court can be booked with Spiros or Doreen at the reception. (10,00 per hour). Please wear appropriate shoes and do not walk on the court when it's wet.


It is our pleasure to introduce you to Meander Travel, Corfu handling agents for Glyfada Beach Villas. For your convenience, all transfers to Paxos can now be booked directly with their office using this email address: reservations2@meander-corfutravel.com

The Meander team will arrange for you the services of booking your return ferry transfer to and from Paxos, ‘meet & greet’ at Corfu airport as well as taxi transfer between Corfu airport and the port. Our clients can book their complete transfer Corfu airport - Glyfada Beach villas - Corfu airport.



There are straw umbrellas on the beach to offer shade and there are also some umbrellas at the swimming pool.



A holiday in Paxos at Glyfada Beach Villas offers excellent value for money.


A lot of Greek cuisine consists of vegetarian dishes, such as - tzatziki, greek beans, mixed vegetables, and salads. Please ask at the Glyfada Taverna about the vegetarian dishes available on that day.


Covid19 Protocol: Unfortunately we are not allowed to accept any visitors in 2020.



During the summer there is a water shortage on Paxos. Please be careful whenever you use it. Tap water is slightly salty and not for consumption, but bottled water is widely available. 


The weather is usually very good in Paxos, from May to October. To find out the weather forecast for the region Corfu - Paxos, It is not always 100% accurate but it will give you an idea.


Wifi (free) is only available in public areas such as restaurants and swimming pools.



This is a small, almost uninhabited island, about 30 minutes from Paxos. There is one sandy beach and the sea has a beautiful turquoise color.


The smallest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. To find out more about Paxos, please connect our page - https://www.paxosglyfada.com/about-paxos


There is a medical center in Gaios which now also boasts an x-ray machine! If you need any medical assistance, please ask the manager, Spiros, in Glyfada.



Many impressive yachts can be seen in Gaios and Lakka.


Greek yogurt is available at breakfast. Try it with peaches.



When you arrive in Paxos, you will very quickly relax and realise that you have no worries.